We conduct operations at border crossing terminals, plant sidings and ports.

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Border crossing points

To meet changing market trends, we provide our customers with the option of carrying out rail transports via all railway border crossings. Thanks to our proactive approach, by analysing the situation on the railways on an ongoing basis, we are able to divert guided trains efficiently and without unnecessary delay to the border crossings that are more accessible, safe or cost-effective at any given time.


We connect Polish seaports with all inland sidings and terminals in the country. Thanks to our experienced staff and cooperation with sea bulk and container terminals in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Świnoujście and Szczecin, we offer full shunting services. We are in constant contact with representatives of terminals and port rail infrastructure managers to ensure that all cargo entering and leaving the port is delivered quickly and efficiently.


Appropriately selected rolling stock and trained personnel ensure that we can work with all sea and land terminals in Poland. Our company's offer includes both the so-called last mile and permanent comprehensive terminal shunting services.

Company sidings

Our long-standing presence on the market has allowed us to become well acquainted with the railway infrastructure and the managers of all the relevant sidings, private as well as public, in Poland. We provide assistance in the comprehensive organisation of transport and the selection of a suitable siding necessary for the transhipment of bulk and general cargo within it.
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