Workshop in Zbąszynek

Ecco Rail has workshops located in key locations in Poland. The workshop in Zbąszynek carries out repairs from P1 to P5 of locomotives and freight wagons.

•Hall 4200m2
•Access to parking tracks
•Operation of the operator's locomotive, together with staff (driver, setter) -shunting within the station, transport of damaged wagons to the workshop within a radius of several dozen kilometres from Zbąszynek
•P1/P2/P3 level inspection of locomotive/wagon
•P4 level inspection of wagons
•P5 level inspection of wagons
•current repairs of wagons -replacement of bogies or wheel sets, reprofiling of sets, welding and mechanical work, diagnostics and repair of the combined brake;
•Repairs of the load under the 10 t overhead crane
•Current repairs to locomotives - replacement of components using 10 t gantry and/or 4 x 25 t jacks; electrical and mechanical work
•Provision of inspection pit
•Provision of a gantry crane up to 10 t
•Mobile maintenance of wagons / locomotives

Warsztat w Zbąszynku

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