Ecco Rail has become the Gold Partner of the Intermodal Congress

Ecco Rail is a leading company within the ECCO group, offering railway transport services over a network spanning more than 100,000 km across continental Europe and along the New Silk Road. The company is entirely owned by private individuals, and is managed by experts with many years of experience in the railway market.

For nearly 14 years, Ecco Rail has consistently provided its clients with a wide range of intermodal transport solutions, serving container terminals and ports in Poland and Europe. The company's fleet includes over 2,000 wagons – including more than 500 platforms of types Sggrs, Sggmrss, Sgs, and Sggrss, capable of carrying 20, 40, or 45-foot containers, and nearly 100 locomotives. Ecco Rail also owns certified repair workshops located at strategic points in Poland and offers a mobile service for container platforms. These workshops perform routine repairs and all types of periodic inspections. Annually, they restore over 4,000 wagons to service, including nearly 2,000 container platforms.

From the start, Ecco Rail has focused on intermodal transport as the main branch of its business, not only for economic reasons. The company equally values economic efficiency and responsible, sustainable development, aligning with the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (SSMS) and the European Green Deal. Ecco Rail combines these elements to create synergy between financial results and the environmental impact of logistic operations.

According to Monika Łupińska, President of the Board of Ecco Rail: “Well-organized and managed intermodal transport, despite temporary difficulties caused by geopolitical conditions, plays and will continue to play a crucial role in optimizing the supply chain of goods in Europe and in trade relations between Europe and Asia. It is one of the most economically efficient and environmentally friendly types of goods transport at every stage of their movement.”

As part of the development of the Ecco Group and as proof of faith in the potential of intermodal transport, in 2021, Ecco Rail established the company Centralny Terminal Kobylany. Its goal is to build the largest intermodal terminal in this part of Poland, located in the town of Kobylany in the Terespol commune, next to the border crossings with Belarus – a railway in Terespol and a road crossing in Koroszczyn.

As President Monika Łupińska adds: “Ecco Rail is continuously developing. In November 2023, the Company was honored with the Economic Award at the European Congress of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, awarded by the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice. The awarded prize crowned several years of work and symbolically closed a certain stage of the company's development. Starting from January 2024, Ecco Rail has the status of a Large Enterprise, due to the size of its employment of over 500 employees and annual revenue exceeding 50 million EUR. This status imposes a range of high statutory requirements, but primarily a broadly understood responsibility for all those without whom this story would not exist today, much less tomorrow.”

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